Jewelry Juug: Blac Chyna Allegedly Keeping Rob Kardashian’s Expensive Blingy Gifts

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Blac Chyna Allegedly Keeping $250,000 Of Jewelry That Was Supposed To Be Returned

Man, Rob Kardashian chose the WRONG tine to act a fool on Instagram.

According to TMZ, a couple days Rob blasted baby mama Blac Chyna and posted her remixed cakes and refurbished fun bags on social media, a jeweler had come to Chyna’s crib with 7 expensive pieces for her to choose one as a gift.

Being an indecisive woman, the jeweler left the pieces for Chyna to decide which one she would like. Well, after Robert went ham sammich, Chyna decided she was going to keep a FEW pieces, like ALL of them.

Initially, Chyna tried to keep a ring and three tennis bracelets worth approximately $125,000 and charge them to Rob’s credit card, but his business manager saw the play and waved the Mutombo finger.

The jeweler tried to contact Chyna about returning his property, but thus far, it’s crickets.

Moveover, Chyna wore the bracelets to court on Monday when she got her restraining order.

Far as Chyna and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, are concerned, Rob gifted all of the 7 pieces worth $250,000 to her. They feel like Rob is lucky that Chyna decided to return anything at all.

Rob is a sucka of the highest order.

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