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Whitney and Ray-J were spotted at Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 Hip Hop fashion show last night. Whitney’s looking as crazy as ever. Hope she didn’t go tumbling off that wagon. Check out the thumbnails to view the madness up close.

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  • Dee

    Does it matter but I am 1st

  • Kim


  • Kim

    Dee that was not cool at all .Lol

  • DeeDee

    1st and this is some mess right here. Why she waste time with someone that tell all. She looks crazy as ever.

  • Kim

    Whitney should be ashamed of herself for stooping so low for the whack ass Ray-J

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I need Whitney to let go of the poodle wigs…STAT!

  • Kim

    If this is what she wants …I am very certain she IS NOT GONNA HAVE EVER HAVE A COMEBACK

  • Lauren


  • intuitivepisces

    Her photos are reminiscent of “Being Bobby Brown”. I hope she’s not back on that stuff. She looks crazy as hell.

  • chir

    She looks good

  • Kim


    She looks good


  • Encyclopedia Brown

    pointless post

  • that one girl

    As much as I don’t like ray-j. I can’t deny the fact that he is a fine looking boy not man but boy. As 4 Whitney get together.

  • Aoki Lee

    This chick is 7:30!!! Why did she dump Bobby Brown if she’s going to take up with Lil Ray J???

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Whitney must be deparate to be hangin out in public with young ass Ray J…. I think it’s cool to party with other celebs/your peers but sometimes you really gotta know when to fall back on the party.

  • All in fun

    Please tell me Whitney is not buggin again RayJAy is not the move and now is not the time for her to be hanging with him in fact no time is right for that.

  • Madam"O"

    I think Whitney can’t help but look like a coke head. She’s older now and she’s been doing coke for a long time. It’s just her, but she needs to get a grown man to be seen with. I think Oprah’s old Steadman is available, maybe she could rent him……..

  • MrsLaadee

    With all that she has been through over the years with Bobby, I say hey if Ray-J makes her happy go for it. At least Ray-J is legal and he was not one of Bobby’s friends(like Bobby did to her with her friend)

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Whitney is 44years old…. and that is definitely to old to be hanging with Ray J’s young ass. Whitney needs to get with some people her age that aren’t dope heads who still like to party. She would do better hanging with Diddy, Mary J., and some others celebs.

    Whitney needs to upgrade!

  • Southern Belle 225

    I don’t know why she even came out the house! Yall know she aint ready yet. But she needs to stay away from Trashy Ray-J(oke). That’s for sure.

  • deesac

    she never was classy just in the closet don’t get me wrong I like whitney but she always like younger guys Bobby humm!

  • DC GAL

    She needs to realize that she isn’t 24 but 44 and that hanging around with Gay J is almost as bad as being with Bobby. Next thing you know she and her daughter (WITH THAT HUMUNGOUS GAP) is ggoing to be partying in the same clubs. Groow up WHITNEY and hang out with people on the same age level atleast.


    She is way to old for this dude. She is too old for me. LOL

  • Dimple Pink

    I use to like Ray J when he came out w/ that “Let it go” single but this dude is a straight male ho desperate for media attention at any expense. Why is Whitney w/ this clown??!?!?! I thought she was trying to make a come back. Where’s her f-ing publicist or manager? this is just reckless!

  • Dimple Pink

    Ray J will be the next Bobby Brown. Once he get an arrest or two he’ll be seriously on his way.


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