What The F**k?!? Aussie Gentleman Has His Thumb Replaced With Big Toe After Bull Attack

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Australian Man Uses Big Toe To Replace His Thumb After Bull Attack

This is going to be one of the weirdest BOSSIP articles you’ve ever read.

DailyTelegraph is reporting that Australian farmer Zac Mitchell lost his thumb after being attacked by a bull, and decided to have it replaced with the big toe.

“The bull was coming through the yard and it run me over … my boss said ‘is your head or your hand bleeding?’” Mr Mitchell said.

After their best attempt to save the appendage, doctors concluded that they couldn’t reattached the thumb and offered 4-finger Zac another option…

“I just wanted a plastic one, a prosthetic one and they talked me out of that. But they said we’ve got to cut your toe off … there wasn’t another option,” Mr Mitchell said.

As far as life with no big toe goes…

“I haven’t fallen over anyway, I don’t think it’s had much of an effect on the balance,” he said.

Would you cut of you toe to fix your hand?

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