Woman Riding NYC Train Dozes Off, Gets Peed On By Nasty Stranger

- By Bossip Staff

Woman Riding NYC Train Dozes Off, Gets Peed On By Nasty Stranger

If you live in NYC you already know what a dreadful idea it is to doze off on the train.

But in case you needed more convincing, check out the story of one unlucky Queens rider.

A woman heading home early Thursday morning got a super unpleasant surprise…when she closed her eyes to listen to some music during her commute home and woke up to a stranger peeing all over her face.

According to NYDN, the woman told NY Cops that she was sitting on the train around 1:50 a.m., when she randomly felt something wet hit her face.

When she opened her eyes, she discovered a strange man standing over her, relieving himself on her face and chest.

She was stunned, and he quickly ran off the train as it reached the next stop shortly after she opened her eyes. He said nothing to her.

SMH! Of course, cops have no idea who this is for the time being. But…GROSS!


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