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Ex-Prisoner Saves The Life On The Way To First Job Interview

Whoa, this story is tear-jerker. A father struggling to find some stability while living in a halfway house helped save the life of a stranger.

According to WestPortNow, Aaron Tucker left the halfway house with less than $2 in his pocket when he caught the bus to catch a job interview at a local BBQ restaurant. Tucker told the site that he was so excited for the opportunity, he had woke up at 5 a.m. for the 9 a.m. meeting. Unfortunately for the restaurant, Tucker never made it. He ended up saving the life of a stranger, instead.

After dozing off for a nap on the bus ride, Tucker woke up and noticed an overturned vehicle in the road. He asked the driver to wait for him while he checked it, but the driver refused. After jumping off the bus he saw a man strapped inside with a head injury. Tucked promptly grabbed off his interview top and used it to help stop the man’s head from bleeding.

“He kept shutting his eyes and I made sure he stayed awake. I told him to open his eyes, I said, ‘your family wants you,’” Tucked told the Daily News.

Dang! There are some good regular, reformed folks out there. Tucker was previously arrested on a weapons charge. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the job that day but people are raising money on behalf of his heroic gesture until he gets on his feet.

Check it out here. Good luck to the brave father!



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