Are You Feeling This Get Up??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Zoe Kravitz was spotted at the Bowery last night in NYC. We’re not really feeling this particular look. A dirty tattered wife beater and a feather earring? It’s almost painful to look at.

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  • Encyclopedia Brown


  • Encyclopedia Brown

    and no I am not feeling that get up!

  • Kim


  • Kim


  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Is that Denise Huckstablez daughter?

  • Melinda

    I won’t go so far as to say I’m feeling it, but it is leaps and strides from last week. This lil girl right here looks like she lives at the thrift shop, her shoes be leaning her hair she hasn’t come to terms with, so yes. Leaps and strides from last week.

  • that one girl

    I’m feelin it a little bit. Better than what she usually rocks.

  • Aoki Lee

    She’s a mess! Nothing cute about her -sorry. At least when her mom dressed ‘strangely’ on the Cosby Show it was stylish & fly. Zoe is NOT her mothers child!!

  • Rotex

    Yea she looks nice.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    She got fame & money (well her father’s money) and she can & feels like she can do whatever she wants…

    I don’t blame her and if I were in her shoes I’d do the same thing…

    You know she got the money and access to the top shelf s#it… But she don’t trip off that bulls#it like so many of us do (myself included)…

    Just like how Denzel Washington be coming out the house looking anywhich way…

    You see how Denzel be dressing to some of his Movie Primere, like he don’t give a f#ck…

    Denzel is probably like: I’m handsome, I got more money than you, you got something to say about my clothes – I got some s#it in the closet that cost more than your car and I just don’t feel like wearing it and what… Oh, ni@@a what I’ll take your girlfriend/wife – you know if she had the chance she’d let me hit…

    If I had that fame and fortune I’d be like f#ck you, I got more money than you and if I feel like dressing like this = and so?

  • Jessica

    She’s nasty…her parents may be or may have been hot but this lil girl needs to work at it and somebody needs to let her know. Unless she’s going for that just shopped in the dumpster look to set herself apart from the rest she really needs a bar of soap and a good doctor.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    @Southern Belle

    The hole in her dirty wife beater gives her outfit “character” 🙂

  • Might B Me

    She looks like she stinks. Dressing crazy is one thing… she’s actually dirty. That shirt “was” white. And yeah, she could dab a ‘lil grease on that scalp. Maybe she see’s someone else in the mirror. Who knows???

  • that one girl

    Nevermind, I didnt look at the thumbnail. That outfit looks gross up close. It looks like she spilled soda or something on the shirt the only thing cute is the shoes.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    That was painful to look at… but on a softer note I received a e-mail last night of her singing “O’Bama” and it was tight. I had to send it out to all of my email group and I don’t usually do that kinda stuff so I’m just saying…. Zoe can sing.

  • MyLittlePony

    Minus the dirty ass shirt, I see where she’s going with this…but that shirt belongs in the trash. If the shirt were actually clean w/o holes in it, it would be a pretty good look.

  • Madam"O"

    and no bra.

  • Lite&Sweet

    Letting the world see your areolas through your shirt is soooooooo tacky and tasteless.

    Dont hold your breath waiting for a man to tell you that though. No decent one anyway.

  • lady least she doesn’t look as dirty as usual…she looks like she actually bathed before she came out for once.

  • blahdeblah

    I don’t know who this girl is but just looking at her I can surmise that:

    1. She is full of self-loathing.

    2. Her parents were self-absorbed and emotionally immature.

    3. She was not sufficiently exposed to black people growing up.

    4. She is afraid of Black men

    5. She will end up strung out or dead.

  • And.....

    Zoe and Kelis are in a class all of their own. These two can wear whatever the hell they want to and get away with it. Anybody who can rock chewed off, spli-ends, and beady-beads all throughout, and still look cute, there’s nothing you can say about them. Loves me some Zoe. Her mama and daddy taught her well.

  • statim08

    She knows the cameras on her and makes you think she’s ahead of the fashion curve when she’s just playing with you all.

  • Big Mike

    She still looks good regardless.

  • K-ten

    she’s always painful to look at. why look poor if you have money?..or does she?

  • Tomica

    I guess we all forgot who her mother is. Lisa Bonet or maybe the people that frequent this website are too young to remember. Her mother dressed terrible. she did not like to wear shoes. she was the worst dressed one on the cosby show. the apple does not fall to far from the tree.

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