Bigot Boxing: Floyd Hateweather Launches Homophobic F-Bombs At Racist Conor McGregor [Video]

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Floyd Mayweather Spews Homophobic Slurs At Conor McGregor

This fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is basically all the worst parts of America in a microcosm. Racism, abusing women, homophobia and while we haven’t seen much of it yet, xenophobia is likely to rear it’s star-spangled head before too long.

The hate-filled shenanigans continued yesterday at Wembley Arena in London during yet another pre-fight press conference that is meant to really stir up the animosity and bring in BIG pay-per-view numbers.

Filterless Floyd flung a furious F-bomb. This thing is getting out of control.

You plan on watching this circus clusterf**k?

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