Coulter Vulture: Constantly Complaining Caucasian Ann Coulter Mad At Delta For Giving Away Her Seat

- By Bossip Staff


Well do the damn thing, Delta.

Literal piece of human scum Ann Coulter was complaining all day on Twitter on Saturday about how much she hates Delta Airlines.

Apparently, the biggest problem in this woman’s privileged life is an airline moving her to a different seat, and she did not know how to handle not getting her way for once. Coulter claims that she”investigated” the aircraft prior to booking her seat so that she could have the best flying experience ever. Then, the airline staff forced Ann to move her behind to a different seat on the plane, and her new spot wasn’t one with as much room.

Coulter continued to take pictures of people on the plane, like the flight attendant who told her to move. She was told that she needed to move due to an emergency, but since the woman did not look like she was elderly or pregnant, Ann didn’t buy it.

Everyone on Twitter rejoiced in the fact that this bigot was snatched from her seat, all agreeing that karma is beautiful. Delta said that they were reaching out to Ann about the issue, but no official comment has been made. As far as we see it….Delta, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

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