Racist Buffoon Weeps After Harrassing Black Muslim Couple For 20 Blocks, “I’m Ignorant And Stupid”

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Racist Man Cries In Court Arraignment After Stalking Black Muslim Couple

People ain’t isht…A Caucasian man from Portland who is accused of following a muslim couple and spewing hate language at them, was charge with a hate crime and wept.

KGW News reports that the dude, Frederick Nolan Sorrell, was arrested last Friday for anti-Muslim hate crimes and broke down in tears to express regret after his court arraignment last Monday morning. The 49-year-old wimp is accused second-degree intimidation after a Muslim couple was allegedly subjected to slurs and intimidation.

Sorrell reportedly drove next to the couple for more than 20 blocks, according to a statement screaming things like “take off the (expletive) burka, this is America, go back to your (expletive) country” before mimicking firing a handgun pointed at the couple.

SMH, look at this idiot cry after getting hit with those hate crime charges. He starts at the :49 second mark.

“I guess my fear and paranoia,  I just yelled out. I don’t go on social media looking to hate on people,” he said. “I guess my ignorance and my stupidity is why I opened my mouth, and I shouldn’t have and I claim full responsibility.”

Yeah, we bet.


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