Michael Vick Says Colin Kaepernick Needs To Cut His ‘Fro If He Wants The NFL To Take Him Seriously

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Michael Vick Says Colin Kaepernick Needs To Cut His Hair

Even though he’s arguably the NFL player second most-hated by mayo-toned Americans, Michael Vick is serving up a heaping dose of respectability politics for the league’s latest leper Colin Kaepernick.

While appearing on Speak For Yourself on Fox Sports 1, Mike Vick gave some unsolicited advice to Colin Kaepernick as he is trying to bounce back in the NFL after facing so much backlash over his actions. His advice conveniently ignores the fact that Vick had to bounce back from felony animal cruelty and illegal gambling charges, while Kaepernick is fighting for his right to stand up for what he believes in…but we digress.

Vick says Kaepernick’s first step is to cut all that wild Black person hair and look presentable. Also, “we get it” when it comes to all that Black power isht on social media, so cool it on all this speaking out so the NFL will take more of a liking to him. SMH. Take a look (don’t forget to swipe):

WELP. What do YOU think of Vick’s strategy for getting on the league’s good side again? And why does it seem he’s unable to impart all this knowledge on his own family?

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