One Of R. Kelly’s Hostages Little Friends Says She’s Not A Captive, But Won’t Reveal Her Whereabouts

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NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 17: Singer R. Kelly performs in concert during the '12 Nights Of Christmas' tour at Kings Theatre on December 17, 2016 in the Brooklyn borough New York City.

One Of R. Kelly’s “Kept Women” Speaks Out

As we’re sure you’ve heard by now, R. Kelly’s been accused of preying on young women YET AGAIN — this time, keeping a bevy of brainwashed young beauties holed up in a mansion together and cutting them off from their families solely for his own sexual pleasure and entertainment. That’s if you believe the parents of one of his alleged “victims,” 21-year-old Joycelyn Savage.

In addition to a lengthy expose by Buzzfeed, Joycelyn’s parents held a press conference detailing how brainwashed they believe her to be, detailing her personality changes, and her supposed inability to leave the home R. Kelly has placed her in without his permission.

Now, TMZ has caught up with Joycelyn, and she pretty unconvincingly is reporting that she is a-okay and her parents need to leave her alone:

….right. Nevermind the fact that the shadow of whoever was filming her clearly made a “cut it” motion with their hand when it came to questions about where she is and who’s there with her.

She also confirms she hasn’t steadily spoken to her family in nearly six months while she’s under Kellz’ “care.” Yeah, sounds SUPER voluntary.

Granted, this girl is an adult — regardless of how young and lost she sounds here. We don’t know how much recourse the family truly has when she’s over 21 and claiming that she is choosing to do what she’s doing and simply not ever speak to or see them.

Mind you, Kelly’s 19-year-old “girlfriend” Halle Calhoun is allegedly part of his little clique. SMH. All of this is just…creepy. What do you think of Joycelyn’s synopsis of the situation?

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