Are You Feelin Rihanna’s New Crop Color and Get Up?

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna was spotted in these shoes, leggings, fitted sweater, and new crop. Ladies, how many of you wish you could play dress up like RiRi does everyday?

Are You Feeling Her Get Up???

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  • ms jazz

    this chick has a lotta sty;e

  • Sassy

    I like her better with the simple jet black hair.

  • WiseWoman

    no.. to much goin on.
    From the blond hair, dark lipstick.. don’t like the outfit either. Its a miss for me.

  • tb

    Hell naw! But, these fools bout to say she the bomb though. She looks like a damn fool.

  • Nique

    Do we always have to go through this??? Rihanna is ALWAYS on point. Its her job to look good.

  • slimktty

    I kind of like it minus the white ruffles and she needs to put on a bra.

  • Ryan Coke

    A little padding in the bra wouldn’t have hurt. You know, those rubber chicken breasts



  • Goddess☀iLy

    yea! those boots are ill.

  • Jade Silver (24/09/2009 - Heritage Day)

    I think she’s trying too hard. She has too much going on. Sometimes less is more.

  • TMoney253

    Please let that be a wig.

  • WiseWoman

    exactly TB,
    Stans would never admit she looks a mess. But she does hear.
    And why no bra??

  • WiseWoman


  • nobody cares

    hell yea i’d love to have new clothes bought for me everyday and someone hittin my hair up with a fresh styling every other day…too bad i live in the real world. must be nice tho

  • WHY

    Fiyah as usual….shoes, boots, legging whateva they are lol HAWWWWWWWT!! boots I think…she is always on point….luvz it…hataz go to bed the girl is BAD!!

  • shaahn

    lest she has on a bra this time

  • 2dimplzs

    Love the hair and love the clothes. She has her own style and the confidence to wear what she wants. I admire that A LOT! You don’t see too much idividuality or originality these days.

  • Speaking the truth...

    The one thing that is a perk about being a celebrity is all the free sh*t you get or advertise for high end designers…they are so lucky.

    I think the outfit is hot..and the boots. The items together…ahh..its ok.

    The hair is to Keri Hilson for me…but RiRi can pull it off.

  • facefacts

    ummm she s was pushing the envelope but this is too far i no like!!!

  • DTEX

    She’s my girl no matter what she wears I need to be her best dressed man


    Oh no no no, I must say a rare FAIL for Rihanna but at least we know with Rihanna she aint gonna be rockin that hair for long. By Friday it will be black again.
    I’m not even gonna lie though, I would LOVE to play dress-up every day like Rihanna. Problem is, when non-celebrities step outside in half the sh*t she wears they just look crazy.

  • NY

    RiRi looks like a miserable vampire who hates the light of day. but we already discussed why on yesterdays thread. God knows what she had to do to play ‘dress up’ the way she does

  • geegley

    EEww, she needs to go back inside and change. she looks ugly.

  • Ronnie

    She’s fly prd so no matter what RiRi throws on she looks fab!!!

  • drenk

    HI 1980’s Madonna!!

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