Poor Thang! Angela Simmons Says She’s Had To Question People Around Her After Having Her Rollie And Diamonds Ganked

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Designer Angela Simmons spends time with friends in a bikini in Miami Beach. SplashNews(SplashNews)

Poor Little Rich Girl! Angela Simmons Says She’s Had Things Stolen From Her

Poor Thang! Angela Simmons said one of the pitfalls of being so damn rich is she can’t always trust those closest to her.

“I have had stuff stolen from me but I just don’t know who did it. I have had people around me . . . and I cannot say they did or did not do it,” she told Page Six, explaining, “I had a whole lot of diamonds stolen from me. I had a whole bag stolen — it was a Rolex and a chain in there. It was in my purse that I had with me. I was at the gym working out. That is the type of stuff that makes you question the people around you. I do not think anyone would do something like that to me but you just never know.”

Damn… A ROLEX? Who brings that to the gym?

Her sister Vanessa described a similar experience:

“I have had a bunch of stuff stolen from me and I have actually heard before that people have said, ‘Oh, she has a lot of stuff she won’t notice or realize that it is gone.’ I had my Louis Vuitton bag stolen at a beauty pageant once.”

We didn’t want to go there but she did kinda leave the door wide open for the question… Did Angela ask SJ’s dad if he’s seen her Rolex? Just a thought. Sometimes it’s the people closest to you.

Do you feel bad for the Simmons sisters having their nice things taken? Or do you feel like they maybe played it too casual and should have been more careful where they leave their nice things?

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