Why TF You Lyin’? Heartless Heffa Claiming She Lost Baby At Gender Reveal Shooting Wasn’t Even Pregnant

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Woman From Gender Reveal Shooting Caught Lying About Pregnancy

People ain’t isht. That’s not just a sensational headline, it’s the realest isht we ever wrote.

Remember the story we posted the other day about a mass shooting that took place at a gender reveal party in Cincinnati? Well, PEOPLE has revealed that the purported mommy-to-be honoree wasn’t even f**king pregnant!

Cheyanne Willis took a bullet to the leg when the biscuit went blam at her big party. After being released from the hospital, she told local news outlets that she lost her pregnancy.

Welp, police say something totally different:

“As ridiculous as it might be, it’s not a crime to lie, its not a crime to have a party over that lie,” says Love. “Now if she lied and put everyone in the danger — of course the shooters would be the main focus but [to press charges] would be a decision up to the local prosecutors.”

Let Cheyanne’s sister Amber White tell it, her sister WAS pregnant, but…

“She had a miscarriage right before and she’s been wanting a child,” White, a mother herself, said. “She’s a great aunt.”

Who knows what the truth is at this point, it all sounds like lies and lies to cover up lies. SMFH.

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