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Will Smith Thinks ‘Star Wars’ Is Better Than Sex

Will Smith visited Comic Con this past week to host panels for his upcoming films, “Bright” and “Dead Note.” Both will be released on Netflix and are in the realm of fantasy thrillers, so it’s only right Will takes to the San Diego Comic Con stage to discuss his long-lasting love of science fiction.

Smith brought up the first time he ever saw “Star Wars,” which happened when he was 10 years old. This experience left a lasting impression on the actor, who  said, “I’ve never been smashed like that in a movie theater…my mind was boggled.” Because the film was one of the first to come out with so many crazy special effects, Will remembers that everyone in the theater was “just completely blown away.” He explains that “Star Wars” inspired him to give others the same feelings he got when he saw the film, and he’s been chasing that his whole career.

The Fresh Prince said of the movie, “there was nothing that I had experienced in my life that matched that point of ecstasy….I had sex a few years later, it was close, but no ‘Star Wars.'” There you have it, nothing can get Will Smith as sprung as some good Science Fiction and special effects. Nothing beats your first time.




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