Dog-Faced Lies: Kenya Moore Denies Shading Kim Zolicak’s Injured Seed

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Did Kenya Moore Take Shots At Kim Zolciak’s Seed, Sending Her Into a Frenzy During Filming?

Welp, this is spinning in a direction that we had never predicted…

Kenya Moore’s addressing Kim Zoliciak’s beef with her, after her daughter Brielle tried to drag her on twitter this weekend and then Kim reportedly tried to put her paws on her! Reportedly Kim claims Kenya said something crude about her son who was recently injured by a dog, at a house party at Nene’s over the weekend. That’s when Kim went bizerk. TMZ reported the story earlier, saying:

We’re told Kenya and Kim were throwing shade as soon as they saw each other — but when things got personal, it got out of hand.

Kim made comments about Kenya’s new marriage being fake … and Kenya fired back that Kim had pimped out her daughter to get John Legend tickets. Everyone we spoke to agrees to that much, but here’s where it gets messy.

We’re told Kim thinks Kenya said the Legend tix were for “your injured son.” Others in the house say they never heard Kenya say the son part. Doesn’t matter … Kim was convinced and lost it … rushing at Kenya, knocking over and breaking glasses on the way.

Damn! Kenya tells Hello Beautiful:

That’s a boldface lie. Her child was never mentioned. Kim is just trying to spin the story. I don’t fight with or insult children, which is why I have not responded to the two disgusting insults from Kim’s 20-year-old daughter. As an educator, former USA, I do not respond to ignorance from children.” -Kenya Moore

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