Cops Kill People: Mississippi Police Shoot A Man Dead While Serving Warrant To Wrong Address

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Mississippi Cops Shoot A Man Dead At Wrong Address

Squeeze first, double-check the address last.

Cops in Southaven, Mississippi shot Ismael Lopez dead while trying to serve an arrest warrant at an incorrect address according to WREG.

Officers were looking for Samuel Pearman who is accused of choking a woman in front of her 4-year-old daughter at a local gas station.

Let the boys in blue tell it, they were attacked by a dog and Ismael refused to drop an alleged weapon and thus was shot dead. Ismael’s family refutes that account saying that he was NOT holding a weapon.

To make matters worse, the man they were looking for lives at 5878 Surrey Lane, the man they killed lived at 5881 Surrey Lane. So, a man lost his life because cops are too damn stupid to read, re-read, and make sure they are at the right place.

And they have the nerve to wonder why we don’t trust them. SMFH.

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