Shook Ones: Lawyer Says O.J. Simpson’s Life At Risk After Goldman’s Threatening Comments

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O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Says Goldman’s Comments Threaten His Life In Prison

O.J. Simpson is set to be a free man in a couple of months, but he has to stay alive first.

According to DailyMail, Simpson’s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, has sent a sternly worded letter to the family of O.J.’s alleged victim Ron Goldman to admonish them for making statements that put the Juice at risk.

After O.J.’s parole hearing, Ron’s father, Fred Goldman, made some comments that LaVergne felt could incite an inmate to do Simpson harm.

LaVergne added that ‘any inmate on their own could try to attack Simpson to try and make a name for themselves’.

He added: ‘But the Goldmans themselves, I think Fred Goldman himself after the hearing said he wished one of the prisoners would knock O.J. in the head, and as recently as within the last year or so, he did an interview on national TV and he basically was giving the Richard the II, oh, who would rid me of this meddlesome priest type argument, where he’s like, I wouldn’t kill Simpson but I know people who can assassinate him. And I wouldn’t do it.’

Damn, Fred Goldman does kinda sound like he’s trying to get O.J. whacked in the bing before he gets out.

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