Squashed: Texas Man With History Of “Deviant Acts” With Vegetables Is Sentenced To Life Behind Bars

- By Bossip Staff

Charles Robert Ransier

Picture by: CCSO / Splash News

Vegetable Freak Sentenced To Life Sentence For Drug Possession And Tampering With Evidence

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Charles Robert Ransier. Ransier is 56-years-old and hails from Texas, a state where he has been sentenced to rot behind bars for life. Ransier received a life sentence on June 28 of this year after being charged with tampering with evidence and drug possession. He was accused of trying to destroy a syringe of drugs after being pulled over by a state trooper in March 2015. It gets worse though.

When the trooper searched Ransier’s truck he found a cooler full of frozen cucumbers, baby oil, balloons, Barbie dolls, candy, Viagra, rope and a girl’s swimsuit, which was laid out. At the time of his arrest, Ransier was wearing only his jeans and had wax melted on his chest. He also wasn’t the easiest to take into custody, actually getting into a scuffle with the officer and trying to destroy the meth-filled syringe.

This was not Ransier’s first arrest involving vegetables though. In 2012 Ransier told officers he had committed a sex act ‘involving a squash’after he was found naked in New Braunfels, Texas. Also in March of 2014 Ransier was arrested after being found at a baseball field dressed in women’s stockings and “engaging in a deviant sex act’ with a vegetable.

Yikes… We’re not sure if jail will be punishment for him or just a place where he’ll get really creative.



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