Bobby Brown : “Behind the Music” Preview

- By Bossip Staff

Bobby Brown on VH-1’s behind the music is like watching the inside of a rehab facility for 24 hours straight.

Pop the top and get your fix

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  • charlieblanko


  • lani3000


  • Manuel

    what the heck happened to him again?
    can God punish someone else for a change???

  • http://deleted Yasmin

    Aww, I feel Bad.
    He looks awful.

  • kelleykel09

    “thats not fair, it’s not fair” lol

  • Aunt Viv

    What the ?!?!

  • tania

    that is what happens when you decide to use drugs. everyone knows drugs are bad and when you decide to go down that road, you never know what can happen. its like playing russian roulette. so bobby is grown he knows the deal.

  • Speaking the truth...

    Nights like this I wish..rain drops would fa…all..all…all. Our live version of Eddie Caine Jr.

    Get it together Bobby…I will give him his props though he is the pioneer of the whole “bad boy” image among R&B singers…

  • bunnz


  • tb


  • Seek the Light Beyond the Shadows

    Was that Bobby after the stroke or the heart attack? How sad does that sound?


    He shoulda had the CNA rub some lotion on his rusty a$$ elbows.

  • http://Bossip Anonymous

    Speaking of a rehab facility, has ever considered staying in one for a bit???

  • really tho?

    Oh, Bobby!

  • LogicallySpeaking

    The King of R & B!!! LOL… That’s what Whitney used to call him.

  • Atl_Finest

    I cannot believe he has another baby on the way. What woman in her right mind would let this 6ft STD in her raw?


    You can take the boy out of Roxbury. Can’t take Roxbury out of the boy.

  • Melinda

    To: LBCER
    He shoulda had the CNA rub some lotion on his rusty a$$ elbows.


    I don’t understand these women. Why would you breed with this broke ass, dead beat junkie. Aim higher mama. Come on…

  • xhiabaughn

    Just looking niggish as my mum would say.

  • komjong

    Give the man a break. Yes he’s messed up now in a very bad way but Bobby was unique and a pioneer. One of the best who ever did it. You can never take that away from him. All of his accomplishments and Uniqueness to the industry will always be here to study. It’s more than can be said of all of you losers posting these bad comments about him. For you will live an entire lifetime and NEVER accomplish a fraction of what Bobby’s success was. Yes his life is crap now but yours will ALWAYS be crap and unlike Bobby you will die one day but unremembered and insignificant without making a mark. As if u never existed!

  • Jones Bonnie

    I gained a new insight to Bobby when he and Whitney had that reality show.
    He’s not a bad guy at all…quite likeable.
    Whitney struck me as the stuck up fcked up one.

    Poor Bobby.

  • Freeman

    Thank u komjong

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