Tiny & Toya…With Frankie

- By Bossip Staff

V-103’s bash brought out the OMG Girls, Frankie, Common, and ” Little Chucky.” Tiny & Toya came as chaperones.

Pop the hood and see the rest

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  • MJ007

    No comment…. mama always said to be nice

  • uptowngirl

    morning fug & Toya. Yuck

  • LaLa

    Frankie looks crazy with that wig and nose ring

  • Reazon

    WTF. Why does Frankie look like Frankenstein????

  • I'm Just Me: KEEPING IT REAL SINCE 1983

    Wait that ain’t really Frankie is that?

    I don’t believe you!

    Whoever that is mouth is all twisted to the side like she just had a stroke. What happened? That ain’t really Frankie right?

  • Nique

    I wonder how many horses are galloping around bald-headed right now based off the main pic and 2nd pic.

  • Yasmin

    Frankie is a mess. Toya’s pretty though

  • v-fromrock

    Those pants don’t look good on Tonya. Her legs look chunky.

  • Ryan Coke

    Ay whatever, as long as these chickens wash between their legs.

    Sidenote: Why is Charlie Wilson dressed like that? Dude’s music is dope but that ain’t the look for an extra grown-ass man.

  • WhoKnows

    Frankinstein, I mean frankie is beginning to look old and bad. I think she still on that stuff.

  • Des (my other name is I hear that) HAHA


    You know what I was thinking she does look like Frankenstein..How fitting for her name..Her head just looks long as hell for some reason…

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    tiny is growing on me — she’s kinda “fugly fine” …

  • LaLa

    Charlie Wilson looks like a manlier version of little Richard “Womp-bomp-a-loom-op-a-womp-bam-boom!”

  • Miss_NC

    Sidenote: Why is Charlie Wilson dressed like that? Dude’s music is dope but that ain’t the look for an extra grown-ass man.

    Co-sign, Someone really needs to talk to him about that. I mean I know you’re as young as you feel but c’mon Charlie, look @ Common and then look at you!

  • H2O ***THE WATER BOY***

    Frankie looks like the Krypt Keeper…

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    I like Toya, but I HATE those pants!

  • num1dominicano

    only in Atlanta…goddamn…smh..

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/D4KEY33WIYJQZ4U7ZGL3G55MOE JoJo

    LOL! Frankie does look like the crypt keeper. With all that money I know they are getting now you would think she would leave the hood-cheap knock off wigs alone by now.

  • Lady J

    Why the head full of colors of the rainbow barretts????

  • ATLBlogger (I Found My SWAG!!!!)

    H2O ***THE WATER BOY*** said: “Frankie looks like the Krypt Keeper…”

    We gave that title to Flavor Flav!!!! Can’t nobody take that from him. We’ll give Frankie Frankenstein.

  • Just Me

    I know there has got to be some classy women in Atlanta….why must they always showcase the ignorant ones? Oh i get it, because they have money…

  • the sane one

    what are all of these ladies wearing?!

  • mswin

    why does the guy in the red jacket look like lil waynes body with somebody elses head on it….to much my eyes are burning…and charlie wilson what in the HELLLLLLLLL!!!!!! DO YOU HAVE ON?? FRANKIE FRANKIE I JUST DON’T KNOW…KEISHA PLEASE COME GET YOUR MOMA…

  • my eyes!

    i’ll just focus on Toya and the lil girl cause those other two are disgusting to my eyeballs.

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