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Amber Rose 21 Savage Medusa Lounge Prince Williams/

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Rumor control…

Amber Rose Speaks On Her Philadelphia Women Comments

Amber Rose is once again speaking on those Philadelphia women comments she made that got her drug back to South Street. As previously reported Amb went viral after she appeared on Noreaga’s “Drink Champs” podcast speaking on the issues she faced growing up in South Philly, she mentioned that the folks in her area weren’t “traditionally attractive” by societal standards while she was considered beautiful early on..

According to Amb however, the entire thing got misconstrued and after already apologizing, she’s speaking out again. Muva recently recorded a new episode of her “Loveline” podcast and she’s likening her “Drink Champs” comments to that lengthy Kodak Black post where she said she was envious of darker skinned women’s skin tone.

“What I was saying was like in the Kodak Black post that I did on Instagram,” said Amber. “I was saying how I felt all the girls were more beautiful than me, I wanted to be like them. People definitely treated me different because I had European features or what society thinks is more beautiful but it’s not what I traditionally think is more beautiful. […] It really makes me sad because I don’t feel that way.”

Amber Rose 21 Savage Medusa Lounge Prince Williams/

Prince Williams/

She also spoke on Philadelphia radio stations that she claims have been blasting her for years and added that people from her past are trying to drag her with old pictures to prove that she was unattractive growing up.

“The f****d up thing is that in my own hometown, which is f**** up because even when I go home to Philly I listen to the radio stations, and then I listen to the radio and it’s like “this f**** b**** Amber Rose, nobody likes her.” I remember when I first went back and I was listening and they literally had callers call in to the radio station in Philly to talk s*** about me.”

That’s pretty messed up that her hometown’s been blasting her for years.

Do YOU understand what Muva was really trying to say or does this all just sound like damage control?




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