Mya and Macy Gray On Dancing With The Stars

- By Bossip Staff

Macy Gray and Mya debuted last night on DWTS. Macy, well, she looked like her old self. Mya looked like her old self too; an already accomplished dancer on a show to get paid.

Pop it and look at Mya’s

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  • eveinthegarden


  • eveinthegarden


  • http://deleted Yasmin

    Oh Gosh No. Mya is Okay But Macy Gray. Whoa!

  • camryn

    wow they showed mya for 21 seconds… talk about Zlist

  • shar

    Please Macy – press your hair.

  • bobbi

    Mya was spectacular last night and whoever said she was on for 21 seconds — that’s not correct info. She danced twice last night and came in first place for her group. The judges loved her.

  • http://none elly

    I don’t think its fair that Mya gets to compete. I understand she is trained in other fields of dancing but its still “dancing”. She will catch on and be more flexible than the average person who has not had any training at all. It’s pretty unfair. With her skill and her family at home calling…it’s likely she’ll win.

  • Breezi

    “Mya will always look like a mouse and human miraculously made a baby. No one wants to listen to a real chipmunk sing and dance — we have Alvin already.”
    WOW. Comment of the DAY, anyone?!

  • yummyumm

    Love macy, she extra funny and real.

  • Aunt Viv

    Macy is ridiculous. Mya has talent so good for her, she’ll make some money too.

  • Muna

    Mya is fab.. i know she is gonna do well.. Also just because u dont have a song out dont mean u are a loser or not worth mentioning.. what is the point of being in the media face all the time.. are u forgetting that she was bomb in Chicago??.. Talented women always makes bread..evem if it is behind the scenes @ the devil is a lyer.. how much in ur bank account.. oh i forgot..u probally dont even have one..

    Macy is wonderful.. @shar.. macy dont have to do a damn thing.. it is a part of her charm and it her hair.. everyone cant have short hair like rihanna or a crazy maine like beyonce..

  • oohyummy


  • NY

    Hate to be the judge who has to give her any bad news! they gonna have to pull this nut off them, Mya was pretty good you could see Donny eyeing her up thinking how is Marie gonna handle the competition. Kelly was good too.

  • Memphis Belle

    Macy Gray look like one of those “Cafe Lady’s” down on Beale St. LOL!!!!

  • Silent Swagg

    Mya did excellent!! F what Len had to say

    Macy Gray won’t be lasting too much longer lol

  • LovelyLisa

    I’m rooting for Mya.

  • Hannibals Dad

    LOVE MYA, JUST WISH SHE WASN’T A HOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • memchee


    Macy’s hair……the closer to natural, the healthier the hair.

    b’sides, Macy’s style has always been the kinked out fro.

    it’s good to see the old Macy; she was only missing the snazzy custom suits.

  • ms.quiqui

    mya was graceful. loved her on love for sale. shoutout to jason weaver

  • Yang

    Lawd God, why Macy Gray had her mouth wide open (like she was applying eyeliner) through out the whole performance?!?!?

  • brea

    @ the devil is a liar-
    lol….I can’t believe u said that!

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