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Janet Mock Fires Back At ‘The Breakfast Club’ Over Jokes About Killing Trans Women

As you know, Lil Duval and The Breakfast Club have been coming under intense internet fire for giggling about killing trans women after unknowingly sleeping with them — just days after having trans author Janet Mock on the show to speak about her new book and the experiences of trans women of color.

Now, Janet is firing back at DJ Envy and Charlamagne for the way the comment went down — using her face as the example of a woman that could “trick” a man and egging on the joke Duval made about killing trans women.

As Janet wrote to DJ Envy and Charlamagne on the pages of Allure, the jokes read as far more serious when trans women, particularly those of color, are being killed at such high rates:

I checked Twitter and saw a video clip of “The Breakfast Club” interview with comedian Lil Duval, whose name I hadn’t even heard before. In the clip (an extended version can be seen here on TMZ), DJ Envy poses a hypothetical question to his guest about dating and sleeping with a woman who discloses that she’s trans after four months of courtship.

The hosts laugh after using my image as a literal prop — just days after I was a guest on the same show — for laughs, vitriol, and a deeper call and justification for violence. Just so we are all clear: On a black program that often advocates for the safety and lives of black people, its hosts laughed as their guest advocated for the murder of black trans women who are black people, too!

It’s this deplorable rhetoric that leads many cis men, desperately clutching their heterosexuality, to yell at, kick, spit on, shoot, burn, stone, and kill trans women of color…

…If you think trans women should disclose and “be honest,” then why don’t you work on making the damn world safe for us to exist in the first place? The “I’d kill a woman if I found out” rhetoric is precisely why so many women hold themselves so tight — the stigma and shame attached to our desires need to be abolished.

We must navigate difficult conversations about desire and identity, about the fact that trans girls exist, and for as long as we’ve existed we’ve been desired by men (including high-profile ones who won’t ever own their desires) who are not working toward gaining the tools to deal with their attraction. And just so we are clear: Just because you find me and my sisters attractive does not mean we desire you.

Hmmm. Do you see Janet’s side of the argument? Whichever end of the “trans issue” you’re on, don’t you think it’s fair to say that no one ‘deserves’ to get murdered?

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