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Chicago Businessman Lets Escort Spend $6 Million On Company Card

Drug company executive Scott Kennedy is under investigation by the feds after allowing his paid piece to help him charge nearly $6 million in expensive trips, homes, and jewelry on his company credit card.

NYDN reports that Kennedy claims he initially gave 31-year-old Crystal Lundberg the company card after she mentioned needing to purchase some gifts for her kids for Christmas back in 2015. However, that quickly turned into plastic surgery, Rolex watches, exotic vacations, and even a Mansion in San Diego.

Kennedy had met Crystal 5 years prior through, and had paid for her services about 10 times between 2012 and 2015. But despite their transactional relationship, Kennedy caught feelings and trusted that Crystal wasn’t using him for the millions he was dropping on her via his corporate account.

As he told the Chicago Tribune:

“I’m the only person who has to answer for being stupid. I wanted to be loved and cared for. My heart kind of overrid my head and said, ‘Take a chance.’ Well, it blew up in my face.”

Man, he could have at least spent his OWN money on his pay-for-play girlfriend. SMH.




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