Snoop’s Country Fetish

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Snoop is inspired by country music and thinks country singer LeAnn Rimes is beautiful:

“[Country music] inspires me and it makes me feel so good hearing it, so I really wanted to come and be a part of this heritage.”

In the midst of his interview the Father Hood star stopped mid-sentence to gape at LeAnn Rimes, who was posing for pictures nearby. “Wow – damn! Who is that?” he asked.

Upon learning her identity, Snoop gushed, “She is beautiful! Wow, wow, wow.” He then turned to the 25-year-old singer and asked, “Can I meet you?” (She responded, “Nice to meet you, sir.”) Snoop couldn’t leave before adding one last compliment: “You look like Marilyn Monroe!”

SMH at Snoop sweatin that country broad, especially after his recent comments about women.

Click here to read more on a potential duet with Snoop Dogg and LeAnn.


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  • Candace

    Next thing you know Snoop gon’ be square dancing in the “Electric Cowboy”!!

  • Panamanians Do It Better

    Interesting… I guess.


  • smokin paul

    please snoop dont go country or white girl on us!!!!!

  • m

    well she looked good that night..but you just had to pick the ugliest pic of her eeh.

  • think I don't know

    Oh, the economic times are hard. Snoops just looking for another way to hustle-hustle.

  • Afiya

    Snoop…how long is it going to take you to STFD…and STFU?

  • Oncle Julian

    Its the weed that makes his judgement seem so erratic at times. He’s been smoking long enough now to have officially lost some of his clear thinking capacity. Dont get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with good bud, but too much of a good thing………

    I just think everyone needs to lay off from time to time. Snoop is one of our biggest stars and he makes it all to obvious with his actions both historically and as of late.

  • Dimple Pink

    Can I meet you? who the hell talks like that? I’m glad that anorexic itch snubbed him w/ that dry ass answer. Good for him. Snoop need to stick w/ the genre he knows best.

  • WordtotheWide

    Uhhhh, maybe the big deal is, uh, this man has no respect for his marriage to Shawnte.

  • Dimple Pink

    @ 6am

    You’re hilarious

  • Dimple Pink

    @ 6am

    I think his ” Ego Trip” album was really meant to be a score for broke ass Teddy Riley. I bet it was his idea for Snoop to go so left w/ the music. I also thought the show was wack as hell. Shawnte is lazy & hood and his kids are rude & spoil w/ no sense of hard work or a want for education. I mean all they did on that show was play video games. This is what the edited version showed and it was just corny.

  • NMusiqNSoul

    Too much weed.

  • 45150

    She looks like Marilyn Monroe??? He must have been high as F*** hahaa!

  • Grace

    Why does it still surprise people that black men like trashy looking, ugly, country white women. They only like what their grandfathers were lynched over. If their grandfathers were lyched over one leg, transvestite Mexican midgets, than Cuba, Kobe, Quincy, Taye Diggs & half the NBA would be married to a ONE LEG, TRANNY, MEXICAN MIDGETS.

  • asil

    he needs to stop smoking that weed, and come to his senses, if he still got any

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    I rememeber several years ago Snoop asked me back to his hotel room when I was vacationing in South Beach. His breath smelled like pork rinds and I simply turned down his offer in a ladylike manner. Anywhoo I could tell stories for days!

  • kai

    that mf been smokin dat sheeet again..LMFAO HAHAA

  • Anonymiss

    The sad part is that Leann Rimes probably went back to her husband complaining that the “scary black animal called Snoop Dog” had the nerve to talk to her!

  • Virgo911..

    Snoop has a Country/Western track on his new threw me off…lol

    I still got love for Snoop though. He’s an entertainer and he loves music. Can’t knock him. Alot of black people like COuntry music but I guess it’s easy to see how it’s coming off as a gimmick to alot of folks since his roota are gangsta rap..

  • Virgo911..

    Correction: his roots


    @ Virgo911.….. “A lot of black people like country music??????????????”

  • K-ten

    LMFAO @ Grace!!!

    i co-sign with WordtotheWide and Dimple Pink. i tried to watch his show, but i really cant stand how his kids didnt really do anything. i only watched a few episodes (i just couldnt watch it for long) so i dunno if they really did something that was worth it.

    i’d be so pissed if my husband was telling me how much he cared and all that stuff just to say later on that he wanted to meet some woman because he thought she was so beautiful. not ethical.

  • Lisa

    What’s the big deal? Beautiful women come in all colors. Would it a problem if a White guy found Halle Berry hot? Stop making everything a racial issue. It’s not. Move on.

  • Bohwe

    Black people can were apart of the foundations of country music. White people listened to the Blues, and just added an uptempo beat to it. Just like music that came out of blue grass, as black influence. Anyone who knows history will tell you that black people/Africans has have a foot in every genre of music in the Western world. A white classical composer Stravosky(sp) would take African beats and infused them in classical music. Santana has said many times that he plays African music. Alot of people want to hate on Latin Music, when in reality, Latin Music is nothing but African music in Spanish language,the song, “La Bamba” was originially written or orally sung by African slaves or Mexican blacks. Instruments, songs, etc, dances from South America has African Roots. And I’m pretty sure that the Black (African Moors) when they were in Europe influence European music in some form.

    So, like Country Music, Rock Music is of African decent. We will not find a genre of music here in the states, that are not of African decent.

    As far as Snoop complimenting Leann Rhimes, well she is pretty. And black men LOVE THEM SOME WHITE WOMEN, so why get upset over this. It would be a problem if he flirted with my boy Toby Keith. lol

  • jason


    you sound really stupid and ignorant, stupid black mad angry chic!!!!

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