Class Personified: The Obama’s Reply To A Wedding Invitation Will Make You Shed Thug Tears

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Obamas Send Classy Heart-Warming Reply To A Wedding Invitation

There is no getting around the fact that the Obamas presence in the White House is sorely missed by millions of Americans.

We now live in a time when the most powerful man in the world has neither class, nor couth, and the Presidency more closely resembles a bad circus than a position of strength and dignity.

However, we got a reminder of the old days via a viral tweet that demonstrates exactly what kind of people should inhabit 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

According to USWeekly, a bride’s mother sent Barry and ‘Chelle an invite to her daughter’s wedding back in December. Just this week, she received a VERY surprising response:

This tweet prompted many others to share their personal correspondence moments with the Obamas.

Flip it to check ’em out.

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