BOSSIP Presents: The 20 Most Unforgettable Reality Stars Of Color Ever. Ranked

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Most Unforgettable Reality Stars

The first season of Real World dropped 25 years ago and it changed the course of television as we know it. Since then we’ve seen iconic shows and characters create unforgettable moments. So the BOSSIP staff decided to come together and come up with the 20 biggest reality stars of color that we couldn’t stop thinking about over the past 25 years.

So get ready to argue and see who we picked. Let us know what you think…

20. Mysterious – Making The Band 2 – You may have forgotten about Mysterious but she had one of the first viral moments in reality show history by losing her entire damn mind when she got eliminated from Diddy’s Making The Band. She had an unforgettable voice and an unforgettable meltdown.

19. Cardi B – Love & Hip-Hop: New York Season 6 – Her facial expressions and catchphrases were all over the place in 2016, but more importantly she’s the first person to go from reality TV to Billboard Hot 100. She shows that reality shows can be the gateway to musical success if you have the right tools. We expect more to follow her footsteps.

18. Sheree Whitfield – Real Housewives Of Atlanta Seasons 1-4,9 – Sheree was one of the originators of the iconic reality show catchphrases and a real RHOA OG. When she returned, she added more drama and set it off on another level.

17. Stephen – Real World: Seattle – Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. He struggled with his sexuality (he came out in 2008), his blackness and his relationships with others. And he gave us an iconic, all-time reality moment when he slapped Irene on national TV.

16. Alton, Arissa and Irulan – Real World: Las Vegas – This was the first reality show that had more than a couple of token black people and made them the centerpiece of the season. There was love, awkwardness and Alton’s d***. What more do you want?


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15. Toccara – America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 – She really did a lot to put plus-sized modeling in the mainstream and is always and forever one of the dopest stars to come out of ANTM.

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    14. Tanisha Thomas – Bad Girls Club, Tanisha Gets Married, – Tanisha really put Bad Girls Club on the map and finagled her way into her own specials and roles. Pay homage.

    13. Coral – Real World: Back To New York, and a million Challenges – Coral has been a Real World vet, going from Real World to a decade of challenges. And she’s gone on to host a ton of reunions. But we can’t forget all the times she went flat off on Mike.

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    12. Eva Marcille – America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 – She’s arguably the most famous winner of ANTM who went on to mainstream stardom and greatness.


    11. Ray J – For Love Of Ray J, Love & Hip Hop – He had his own dating show that spawned more careers. And he went on to do LHH, too.

    10. Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan and Dylan (and Da Band) – Making Da Band Season 2 – Da Band had so many damn classic moments. The cheesecake. The fights. They were even spoofed by Dave Chappelle. Too bad that didn’t translate to musical success but it’s all good.

    9. Stevie J – Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta – Stevie J had been on the show for the first few seasons but he kicked the show up another notch as soon as he became a staple. Now he’s the center of the ATL reality universe.

    8. Evelyn Lozada – Basketball Wives seasons 1-6 – She was arguably the star of Basketball Wives and almost had a reality show with Ochocinco. Still, she helped make the show, and the VH1 reality dynasty what it is now.

    7. Kevin Powell and Heather B – Real World – They were pioneers, part of the first ever Real World, putting their views on display for the world to see. And they went on to bigger success after the show, too, still going strong.

    6. Joseline – Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta seasons 1-6 – Joseline is iconic. She’s one of the most recognizable reality stars of all time and her accent and catchphrases make her damn near a household name.

    5. Flavor Flav – Flavor Of Love, The Surreal Life – He went from the Surreal Life to his own dating show that pretty much birthed reality stardom as we know it. He’s the OG for better or worse.

    4. Tami Roman – Real World: Los Angeles, Basketball Wives – She’s an original Basketball Wife but before then she was on one of the early Real World cast members, too. She was part of the first-ever vote to get a someone kicked off a reality show, too.

    3. Omarosa – The Apprentice – She was reality TV’s biggest villain for years and finagled it all into the white house. Can’t deny it.

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    2. Nene Leakes – The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Celebrity Apprentice – Even people who don’t watch reality shows know who Nene Leakes is. She’s arguably the biggest reality star in the game and makes a splash everywhere she goes.

    1. New York – You can’t deny it. She was the opening for VH1’s huge catalog of reality shows starring black women, for better or worse. She milked the game and everyone followed the blueprint.

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