S.O.L. Mud Butt Burglar Arrested After Failing To Flush Toilet And Leaving DNA Evidence

- By Bossip Staff

Image via Ventura County Sheriff/Getty/Ed Morris

Burglar’s Unflushed Poop Leaves DNA Evidence And Leads To Arrest

You big dummy.

Who the hell robs a house while they have to take a #2? This guy, Andrew David Jensen. That’s who.

According to SFGate, Jensen broke into a home back in October, grabbed some things to steal, sat down, took a dump and left the “Cosby kid” floating in the toilet.

Well, Andrew probably wore gloves, a mask, and clothes to conceal his identity, but his dumbazz didn’t think to flush the DNA evidence that would ultimately get him arrested.

Detectives took a sample of the stool and matched it against their national database of criminals and was able to quickly determine that Jensen was the s#it-outta-luck burglar.

Andrew was arrested a couple weeks ago on first-degree felony residential burglary. His bail is $180,000.

You. Big. Dummy.

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