KKKanceled: Airbnb Is Deactivating Users Believed To Be Apart Of A White Supremacy Rally

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White Supremacists’ Airbnb Accounts Are Getting Shut Down

On August 12, there is a white supremacist rally scheduled in Charlottesville, Virginia. In anticipation for this event, Airbnb has started deactivating accounts of people that it believes are booking units in order to host gatherings related to this rally.

Though Airbnb has had problems in the past with their users being denied a place to stay due to their race, they have made strides to ensure that “those who are members of the Airbnb community accept people regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age.”

All users who sign up are required to sign The Airbnb Community Commitment, and the company is removing people from the platform who are “antithetical” to this policy. They then added that they are able to find these users who violate the policy “through our background check” and the “input of our community.”

Once those white supremacists who were attending the rally started to notice cancellations of their Airbnb accounts, they all took to twitter tow express how their “civil rights are being violated.”

According to WVIRKessler has said the current rally is all about supporting the Confederate monument, and that “any motion to force supporters from demonstrating in front of (it) is a deliberate infringement of our first amendment rights.”

Despite backlash to the rally, and many planned counter protests, the neo-Nazi event apparently does have a permit. At a news conference, City Manager Maurice Jones said they would grant Kessler the permit for his rally if he would move it to McIntire Park after Kessler indicated that over 400 people would be in attendance.

Ugh. This is exhausting. Anyway, good looks Airbnb for doing your part in making a few KKK members (allegedly) homeless for the weekend.

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