Kush Chronic-les: NBA Baller Zach Randolph Popped In L.A. For Possession Of 2 Pounds Of Piff

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Zach Randolph Arrested For Possession Of 2 Pounds Of Marijuana

What in the hydroponic hell is going on here?!?

Last month, former Memphis Grizzlies baller Zach Randolph signed a 2-year $24 million contract with the Sacramento Kings.

Without counting his pockets, clearly he doesn’t need money.

TMZ is reports that Zach was arrested in L.A. for felony possession of 2 pounds of marijuana. LAPD pulled up on Nickerson Gardens after a call was made about a large group of men outside playing loud music and blowin’ that loud.

As some of the men began to “grab their waistbands”, police went to arrest some of them. One of the arrested parties was Zach Randolph who was charged with intent to distribute marijuana due to the large amount of broccoli he had bagged up.

The whole situation got outta control pretty fast, the crowd got aggy and started damaging cop cars, slashing tires and breaking windows. Thing reportedly got so crazy that LAPD formed a line of resistance to restore the peace.

When it was all said and done 2 guns, drugs, some heavy cash and 2 vehicles were impounded. It isn’t known if any of those belonged to Zach.

We know Zach is *allegedly* a huge pot head, but this is seems like a bit much. He needs to get his life together and stop trying to be the realest in the streets.

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