Who Is #DearDavid And Why Is His Story Totally Terrifying Twitter Right Now?

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Illustrator’s Run-In With Paranormal Activity Goes Viral

Adam Ellis, a comic author/illustrator whose meme-ready drawings frequent twitter and IG, is having bit of a rough go of it in his NYC apartment.

Aside from the average issues that face your typical New York renter — excessive noise, high rent, annoying neighbors — Adam has the additional problem of the tormented spirit of a dead child threatening to snatch his soul each and every night.

Or so he says.

Adam shared the story of how he became the target of a spirit that randomly began targeting him a few months back, and has since gone viral, making it just as impossible for users who read it to sleep as we imagine it HAS to be for him. Peep the story of “Dear David,” and why it has Twitter in a prayer circle.

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    OF COURSE, the internet has a lot to say about this one. Hit the flip for reactions to Adam’s creepy plight…

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