On This Episode Of “Men Are Trash”: Delusional White Male Caught Trying To Date 6 Different Girls In One Night

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Man Dating Multiple Women In A Night Says He’s “Looking For Love”

An overly-confident Caucasian man in Washington scheduled 6 dates, back-to-back, at the same restaurant on the same night. Unsurprisingly, the women caught on, and they all turned on him. Telling each of the women to show up an hour apart from one another, the first 2 ended up both hanging out with Justin at the same time, and when he left to take a phone call (presumably to talk to his upcoming third date) they talked to one another, and found out what was going on.

The three first dates went to a bar across the street, and when they saw other girls arriving, told them what was going on. By the fifth date, Alex approached Justin by saying, “I’m Date No. 5,” and when she tried to shake his hand, he said, ‘Oh, you’re already cut.”

Inside Edition decided to give this poor excuse for a man a platform, and he went on their show on Thursday. He said in the interview, “I’m looking for love, but I do stack my dates, I do typically book them at the same place… I’m a project manager by trade, I’m very time oriented, efficiency oriented.” He proudly mentions that prior to this six-date series, he met with seven women one after the other the week before. He also mentioned that he is very specific when talking to the women he asks out, calling their outings ‘preliminary conversations,’ and not dates.

Click on that tweet above to read the entire thread from the perspective of one of the 6 women.


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