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Justin Bieber Gets Outted For DMing A Gym’s IG Page

Screenshotting someone sending you a DM remains to be one of the corniest things someone can do. Though sometimes they do provide comedy for the timeline, some DMs are super harmless and make girls look like plain snitches for posting them for everyone to see. Sure, there’s A LOOOTTTTT of thirsty dudes sending risking messages that just shouldn’t be sent, but that’s not always the case.

Of course, celebrity DMs are a gold mine, and the latest dude being screenshot is Justin Bieber. A fitness page (with 73 followers at the time Bieber somehow discovered them)  posted this video of the girl who works the front desk at their gym.

After that, Justin Bieber quickly hopped in their messages to find out who she is. Biebz didn’t ask anything crazy, but she decided to post the screenshots to her Twitter page.

The kicker, she followed up with a series of photos with her lightskin Lothario saying, “I’ve got everything I need right here” *rolls eyes*

Ok girl, congrats. Bieber probably isn’t too phased by the screenshot being posted, seeing as he really didn’t say anything out of line. The poor boy’s just looking for a love connection with a receptionist. Go on, Jus, I’m sure there’s tons of blonde gym employees that will be delighted to go out with ya pasty self.



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