Khloe K Boasts About Baeship With Baller Boo Tristan Thompson But Says She’s In No Rush For A Ring

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Khloe Kardashian Calls Love With Tristan “The Best Relationship Ever”

Kevin Hart and Eniko celebrated their first wedding anniversary this weekend, which means it’s almost been a year that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have been dating. The reality tv star did an interview with Mail Online’s You Magazine over the weekend where she gushed about being with Tristan and disputed rumors that she’s thirsty to get a ring and a baby from the baller.

‘I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever been in and it doesn’t take a ring for me to feel that way,’ Khloe confessed.
‘I believe in marriage and I want to be married again one day but I don’t have a time frame. Why do people think that marriage equates to happiness?’

‘There are a lot of people in unhealthy marriages.’ Khloe pointed out.

Khloe also addressed the rumors that she’s eager to get knocked up by Thompson soon.

‘I definitely want a family, but I don’t feel any pressure. Tristan is a great dad [he has an eight-month-old son with his previous partner] and he definitely wants more children, but we both feel that it will happen when the time is right.’

We’re still in a new relationship and I love us having time together. Once you have kids you can’t get back your non-kid years. My sisters and I bother my mom all the time, so I know it’s not, like, “When they’re 18, you don’t worry about them again.”

‘You worry about your children for the rest of your life. The concern I have is raising little human beings in a world that’s filled with such hate and terror. That seems very scary.’

We have to agree with her there. The world is definitely scary. Good thing we have all these Kardashians to promote how wholesome it is to be with a rich black guy, riiiiiiight?

Kardashian also noted that some other great things about her relationship is that Tristan loves her Klan, they are very in sync and have great communication:

‘Tristan is protective of my entire family, which is beautiful. And I love that everything we do is as a union. When he speaks, it’s “us” and “we,” and that’s important because it shows that you’re sharing life. The best thing is that we’re able to communicate about anything, and I think a lot of relationships don’t flourish because people are afraid to voice their opinion, not wanting to rock the boat. ‘

Tristan sounds like a great guy, hear Khloe tell it. Didn’t she used to talk like this about Lamar too in the first year they were together though?

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