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NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS -- NBCUniversal Portrait Studio, August 2017 -- Pictured: Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins,

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BOSSIP Chats With The Cast Of “Marlon”

In case you haven’t heard, Marlon Wayans has a new show “Marlon” which features the actor playing a viral video star who has an extremely close relationship with his estranged wife as they coparent their kids together. BOSSIP spoke with the comedian at a press event last week where he revealed the family dynamics of his show will give a different face to divorce.

“You don’t really see divorce,” Wayans told BOSSIP. “All you see is the love of this family, even though divorce is the backdrop.”

The subject hits home for Wayans, who shares a son and daughter with ex-girlfriend Angelica Zachary. The pair never married, largely because Wayans says he’s always known he isn’t cut out for it.

“Marriage isn’t for me, I know me, if I was married I’d be divorced,” Wayans told BOSSIP. “I’m anti-authority, I don’t like being told what to do, I don’t like living with people I like my own space, when I’m present, I’m present, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I watched my brothers get divorced. I think divorce hurts kids more than if the parents were never married. When me and Ang broke up, nothing changed for my kids because we never lived together.”

We spoke to Wayans about how shows like his and the newest Jay Z album ‘4:44’ are giving our generation the tools to be more open about growing up, parenting and relationships.

“I think the world is starting to mature,” Wayans weigned in. “You have people being more comfortable with just being who they are, just being people. There is no book to tell you how to live your life. We’re all snowflakes, you’ll never find two that are alike. I think you should be free to be you. Marriage doesn’t work for some people. Look at R.Kelly, he got five wives!”

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 20: NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS -- NBCUniversal Portrait Studio, March 2017 -- Pictured: Diallo Riddle, Essence Atkins, Amir O'Neil, Marlon Wayans, Notlim Taylor, Bresha Webb

(Photo by Maarten de Boer/NBC/NBC via Getty Images)

We also spoke with Wayans about his chemistry with his co-star Essence Atkins, who plays Ashley, the mother of his two kids Marley (played by Notlim Taylor) and Zachery (played by Amir O’Neil). Bresha Webb and Diallo Riddle round out the ensemble cast as Ashley and Marlon’s best friends Yvette and Kevin.

“Me and Essence have a lot of history,” Marlon told BOSSIP. “We just got chemistry, I think in a parallel universe we’re together. I knew working with her on the set of Haunted House that if I ever do “Cosby” she was my Phylicia Rashad.”

BOSSIP spoke with Atkins about that exact discussion in February, during a visit to the “Marlon” set.

“It feels very destined,” Atkins told BOSSIP. “When Marlon and I shot ‘Haunted House’ five years ago, we had worked together at that point five times, (the first time was in 1995 when I played Shawn’s love interest on “The Wayans Bros”) up til that point I had always been Shawn’s boo. We were in hair and makeup and Marlon looked at me and said, ‘I’m going to do a TV show and you’re going to play my wife,’ and I said ‘I would love that, that would be dope.’ Cut to last year when we shot the pilot, he was on my left and he looked back at me and said ‘I told you,’ and I said ‘You did.’ The rapport, the chemistry, the love and trust that exists between us, I hope that you guys see that it’s believable that we have known and trusted each other for years.”

Now that’s some real talk talk talk!!! Are you looking forward to this show? It airs tonight, Wednesday, August 16 at 9pm EST on NBC!



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