Funeral Gets Busted Up By Pepper Spray After Dead Man’s Wife And Side Chick Get To Scrapping In Front Of The Casket

- By Bossip Staff

Wife And Girlfriend Brawl At Dead Man’s Funeral

Looks like the only one finding any peace at this funeral was the deceased.

Two women attending the funeral of an as-yet-unidentified Ohio man, as they were so deeply embroiled in a brawl over his affections that they couldn’t even be pulled apart.

According to NYDN, Nicole Corbitt arrived at the man’s service and announced herself as his girlfriend. The man’s widow, Jacqueline Finley, understandably got upset and told her she needed to exit. This started a heated argument, but ultimately Corbitt started making her way out.

But not without causing a scene first. As she was walking out, police reports say that Corbitt punched Finley’s daughter, Shyla Cooks, in the face. Naturally, Finley wasn’t having it, and she and a group of her friends instantly came for Corbitt.

A funeral employee and another mourner tried to break up the melee…but there was no stopping it. Finally, Finley pepper sprayed Corbitt — and indirectly, everyone piling on top of her whooping her azz — and folks had to clear the premises.

Ladies, please. The only thing more pathetic than fighting over a man…is fighting over a DEAD man.


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