Black Ink Crew Sky’s Son And Baby Daddy Give The REAL Story On Her Placing Her Boys Up For Adoption

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Sky’s Son And His Father Speak Out On Adoption Story

As ‘Black Ink Crew’ viewers know, Sky is often battling a lot of emotional pain behind her decision to give up her two sons for adoption when she was a single teen mother.

Sky has always maintained that she was too young — she had already given birth twice by age 15 — and overwhelmed trying to care for two toddlers on her own, so she made the decision to give her sons up for adoption so they could lead a more privileged life than she could give them.

However, while sitting with’s GossipViv, both Sky’s first BabyDaddy — he is NOT the father of both kids, as she told cameras — and her oldest son gave their own accounts of what actually happened, and it’s quite a bit different than what Sky describes…

Is it us or does this account sound…odd? How does the father come back to town once every few years and have no clue where his son is or what he’s up to, yet claim he was “trying to be a father” and ready to raise BOTH Sky’s boys on his own?

Either way, Sky’s son had some thoughts of his own as well. Needless to say, he’s pretty resentful of his mother, and her “living it up” on TV, while he’s been running the streets and facing jail time.

And even though the young man says he sees head nor tail of his mother, Sky posted this photo on her IG just one day ago:

My Twin💕 #LifesCompleteCantWaitTillWeMeetAgain

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Of course, no one knows when this happy-seeming screenshot was taken.

This whole interview is full of animosities and surprising, and sometimes strange, accounts of the past. What do you think about their side of the story?


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