Man Arrested After Assaulting His Girlfriend Over Kool-Aid

Really???? Man Accused Of Trying To Murder His Girlfriend Because She Wouldn’t Buy Him Kool-Aid

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Man Arrested After Assaulting His Girlfriend Over Kool-Aid

An actor from the Twin Peaks reboot–well, he had a part on one episode of the Twin Peaks reboot–has been arrested after being accused of attempting to murder his girlfriend because she wouldn’t go to the store to get him some Kool-Aid.

41-year-old Jeremy Lindholm was brought in by police in Spokane, Washington after a violent incident involving his girlfriend. Allegedly, the issue is that the victim did not stop by the store to buy her boyfriend Kool-Aid before starting her shift at a local boutique. Lindholm reportedly took a baseball bat and showed up at her job, assaulting her in her place of work, with surveillance cameras catching the entire thing.

The video showed him hitting his girlfriend more than ten times. According to court documents that have been obtained by the Spokesman-Review, he proceeded to choke her, throw her to the ground, and jump on top of her chest. The victim told police officers that Lindholm said he wanted to kill her.

The D-list actor reportedly admitted to the entire weird Kool-Aid story, and in addition, told police his plan wasn’t to hurt his girlfriend, but to force police to shoot him in front of her.



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