Herman Cain Speaks On Confederate Monuments

Hush Up, Herb: Herman Cain Wants ‘Fellow Blacks’ To Forget About Confederate Statues

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Boy, stop…

Herman Cain Speaks On Confederate Monuments

Former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain recently said more stupid isht, this time about Confederate monuments. Amidst violent clashes between white nationalists and counter-protestors, Cain wrote a lengthy blog post telling “fellow blacks” like Bishop Jerome Dukes that they’re wrong to protest Confederate monuments. Instead, they should worry about poverty, illiteracy, and drugs.

“I am an African-American. I hate the institution of slavery as much as Bishop Dukes does. But I have noticed something he seems to have missed. I am not a slave! And neither is he,” wrote Cain.

“Slavery was an awful historical injustice, and it helped set in motion many of the problems the black community faces today. But it is not the problem we need to solve today. Those problems are poverty, illiteracy, drugs, crime and violence.

Tearing down statues doesn’t solve any of those problems, and solving those problems is what we need to be focused on.”

He also added that taking them down is like pretending it never happened. Which is, ya know, untrue.

‘Tearing down statues that represent history is like pretending history didn’t happen. It did. And not everything that results from history is something you will like. We need to remember all of it, even (and perhaps especially) the parts that bother us because this is what we learn from.”

You can read his full blog post here.

Fellow blacks??? You sound like the feds. Furthermore, we can walk and chew gum. It’s possible to worry about other issues in the black community while acknowledging that these stupid azz monuments align with white supremacy.

Carrie Devorah / WENN

Herman Cain’s been on a number of people’s list as of late especially after he insisted that Cheeto In Chief isn’t a racist.

What do YOU think about Herman Cain’s comments???



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