Courtney Kemp Explains Raina's Death

Call Ghost: Courtney Kemp Explains Why THAT Character Was Killed On ‘Power’

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Courtney Kemp Explains Raina’s Death

After Sunday’s explosive episode of “Power,” the show’s creator is explaining THAT character’s death.

By now you should know that Raina St. Patrick [Donshea Hopkins] was gunned down on the show by Ray Ray while trying to stand up for her brother Tariq. And while folks are BIG mad about it Courtney Kemp has a perfectly good explanation.

According to Kemp, it was “inevitable” because of Tariq’s actions especially after her forced her to keep his secret.

“It had a lot to do with the inevitable, which was that Tariq was getting more and more over his head in dealing with a world he doesn’t understand,” Kemp told Entertainment Weekly.

“What are the natural consequence of messing with gangsters? You get hurt. And in this case, Tariq has also been raised in a family where lying is how it goes — this is what they do. What we also liked is this idea that Tariq has told his sister that he doesn’t want anyone to know, so she finds out and wants to tell mom, and he begs her, “Please, don’t tell anyone.”

“Well, she listens to him and it costs her her life,” she added. “And I think that is a really kind of beautiful way to tell that story. She loves her brother, her brother loves her, but at the end of the day, Tariq is possessed with the need to individuate from his parents and it blows up in his face. Unfortunately, she’s the one who gets hurt.”

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She also added that Raina’s death while semi-connected to Ghost’s neglect ultimately had to be about Tariq’s criminal behavior. Furthermore, the good guys usually don’t make it on the program so it shouldn’t be that surprising.

“We wanted it to be about, the sins of the father that are visited upon the son and the daughter are really his neglect as a parent,” said Kemp. Ghost’s self-involvement and his eye being elsewhere made him vulnerable to arrest and incarceration, and distracted from the family. And while all that was happening, Tariq was getting further and further into a life of crime.”

“We wanted this story to really be about Tariq and, as a result, it’s about his rebellion against his father. So it’s about Ghost in one way, but in a lot of other ways it’s actually really about, “Are criminals born or are they made?” Nature versus nurture. We always said that Raina is a truly good character and, you know on Power, if you’re a good guy, you die. Whether you’re Shawn (Sinqua Walls), Greg (Andy Bean), Julio (J.R. Ramirez), if you’re a good guy, you’re probably going to get it on our show.”

Which good guy do you think is next and what’d you think about Raina’s death???

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The Power season finale airs Sept. 3 at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.



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