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Amy Schumer Demanded Pay Raise To Compete With Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle

Amy Schumer made a play to put herself on closer pay footing with some of comedy’s greats recently. But some are wondering if she really had the grounds to go campaigning to be on the same playing field as legends like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

In a new article about pay disparities between women, minorities, and white men in the industry, Variety reports that Schumer demanded additional funds be added to the $11 million payout she received from Netflix for her “Leather Special” stand up that dropped earlier this year. Her request was granted after she pointed out how much more the men — Rock and Chappelle — had been paid for their own stand ups.

Of course, Schumer’s demand for renegotiation was framed as a play for equal pay for women…however, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle have been comedy heavy hitters since the 1980’s and 1990’s respectively, each with insanely successful television shows and blockbuster films under their belts. Meanwhile, Schumer has only been in the comedy game for about 10 years. It seems that it would make sense that they were offered $20 million or more per special while she was offered about half that.

Granted, Schumer has experienced mega-success as a comedienne in the short time she has been in the industry, but do you think that Amy is quite “there” yet to look to what legends like Chappelle and Rock are being paid to frame her salary?

Either way, her request from Netflix was granted.




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