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Sean Kingston & His Mother Accused Of Conning Jewelers Out Of Six Figures Worth Of Ice

A federal judge has blasted Sean Kingston and his mom for making “contradictory” statements in an attempt to weasel their way out of a judgment for more than $300,000.

NYC Judge Lorna Schofield upheld a judgment for $301,500 against Kingston and his mom Janice Turner for scamming expensive bling from a New York City jeweler.

Aqua Master Watch sued the pair for defrauding it out of several pricey baubles, including two yellow gold chains – one with a “Pope Francis” pendant, one diamond tennis necklace with 35 karats, another necklace with 30 karats and a Cuban link ring with five karats. Aqua Master Watch said Kingston, whose real name is Kisean Anderson, as well as his mom conned the company out of the jewelry by using bounced checks, fake wire transfers and promises to pay.

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In January, a Judge Lorna Schofield issued a default judgment on the case, but the duo fired back, asking the court to vacate the judgment because they claimed that they were never properly served with the complaint. They claimed the court papers were sent to an address where they no longer resided.

However, the jewelry company filed paperwork proving their lawyer made contact with Mama Kingston’s rep at the address, who promised to get in touch with her. The company said it was clear that mother and son lived at the address where they were served. Kingston and Turner then blew off a chance to plead their case in a telephone conference with the judge scheduled for Aug. 9.

Judge Schofield said Kingston and Mama Kingston also made contradictory statements about their residence to the court. The duo claimed they lived in LA, but the only address they could provide the court was for a postal center.

Kingston nor his mother have responded to the court’s new demand for cash.


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