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The Insane Story Behind Trump Supporter “Michael The Black Man”

If you checked out Trump’s latest wacky rally in Phoenix, AZ last night, chances are you caught sight of a silky-haired Black man waving around a “Blacks for Trump” sign and a t-shirt saying “TRUMP & Republicans Are Not Racist.”

As it turns out, Michael The Black Man — yes, that is the preferred name he goes by — has a following on YouTube for his bizarre videos in which he spouts convoluted political views, revisionist histories, and random thoughts. Mr. Black Man apparently runs also several rambling conspiracy theory websites, riddled with misspellings and wild claims that Hillary Clinton was a Ku Klux Klan member, Oprah Winfrey is the devil himself, and refers to President Obama as “The Beast.”

According to the Washington Post, back in the 1980’s Michael — who USED to go by the name Maurice Woodside — was a member of a militant and violent Black supremacist cult. While a member, he was involved in several questionable circumstances which pointed to his involvement in violent attacks and murders. His own brother, Ricardo Woodside, who was once a member of the cult himself, testified in court to the things he knew his brother had been involved in while in their company:

Ricardo Woodside, Maurice’s brother, had once been in the cult but left after his mother’s death. Woodside testified in court that his brother had helped beat a man named Aston Green, who argued with Yahweh and was taken to the Florida Everglades and beheaded with a dull machete, reported the New Times.

He also testified that Maurice Woodside was the cult member who stabbed a Louisiana man named Leonard Dupree in the eye with a sharpened stick.

But apparently he’s put his Black Supremacy days behind him, and it’s all relaxers and Trump rallies now. He’s attended multiple rallies and been photographed just over the president’s shoulder on more than one occasion, presumably placed there by campaign staff. Take a look:

SMH. Well, it’s a free country, and folks are free to believe and support whatever they want…and even skip their meds if they’re so inclined. Have you checked out any of Michael’s websites or YouTube channels yet? What do you think?

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