Black GCU Prof. Suspended After Saying BLM Activists "Should Be Hung"

Grand Canyon University Suspends Professor Who Said Some BLM Activists “Should Be Hung”

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NEW YORK, USA - AUGUST 23 : A woman holds a banner reading "Black Lives Matter" during a rally against the National Football League (NFL), supporting Colin Kaepernick in Manhattan borough of New York, United States on August 23, 2017.

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Prof. Toby Jennings Suspended By GCU Over BLM Comments

Warning to all the sellouts and self-haters out there… Better check ya self before ya wreck ya self.

According to Daily Mail reports Grand Canyon University has suspended one of their professors, Toby Jennings, after he said some real bs during a faith-based dialogue last September at the school’s Arizona Campus. During the discussion, a member of the audience asked Jennings his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement about an hour into the conversation.

His response:

‘You have folks that participate in it on one side that are very thoughtful about the matter and then on the other side, you have people on the opposite side of that who frankly should be hung.’

Jennings commentary drew an audible gasping reaction from the audience and while he was given a verbal warning after the discussion because the panel was videotaped, a number of organizations including Black Lives Matters and the NAACP continued to speak out following the event, urging the University to take more serious action.

Jennings tried to explain his remarks but we’re not quite sure this qualifies as an apology:

‘Yes, I did say that on video. They are saying things that are not helpful to any way, shape or form of human dignity or flourishing.
‘That is not helpful to any conversation. That kind of rhetoric is not helpful to any conversation. And that’s what I mean by they should be hung.’

WTF… With the history this country has when it comes to lynching he must be out of his mind…

This is a guy who actually TWEETED To thank Trump for wishing folks a happy Juneteenth.

In the meantime, Brian Mueller, the university president, says Jennings was suspended for the upcoming semester but doesn’t believe the incident should reflect poorly on the school.

He told Fox News ‘Yes, it was wrong, but it is an isolated incident and it does not represent who our faculty is and it does not represent who our students are.’

Grand Canyon University added in a statement:

‘As we continue our investigation, we will interview students who have attended this professor’s classes and students and guests who attended the forum to gain their perspective on this professor and this incident and why it was not brought to the attention of University executives sooner.’

SMH… It’s so sad to see the way some black folks have been so brainwashed and bamboozled by this country they don’t even know right from wrong.



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