Ann Coulter says gay mayor more likely to cause of Harvey than climate

Emaciated Kangaroo Face Ann Coulter: “Gay Mayor More Likely Cause For Harvey Than Climate Change”

- By Bossip Staff

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Ann Coulter Believes Gay People More Likely To Cause Hurricane Than Climate

It’s always something with this ghastly broad.

While people are drowning and losing literally their entire lives, people like Ann Coulter are hard at work pushing the devil’s agenda.

The discussion of climate change has become a real point of contention politically in America over the past decade or more and despite the PREPONDERANCE of evidence that weighs down the side of truth, there are still many, many deniers.

Dusty azz Ann is one such denier. In fact, she SO denies climate change that she’s willing to hit ‘send’ on bigoted and hateful tweets to show you that she is dug-in to her position on the matter:

You did indeed read that correctly. What aging Ann is literally saying is that Hurricane Harvey was more likely to be caused by God’s smite due the fact that Houston elected a lesbian mayor from 2010-2016, than because of the terrible and possibly irreparable damage that we are doing to the environment.

She’s been getting dragged for almost 48 hours now. No, she hasn’t deleted the tweet.

Ann’s probably just jealous because her old azz ain’t been as wet as Houston in decades.

See who else had something to say about “raggedy Ann” on the flip side…



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