SMH: Fake Firefighters And Govt. Agents Are “Evacuating” Hurricane Harvey Survivors So They Can Loot Their Empty Houses

- By Bossip Staff

Looters Pose As Hurricane Relief Workers To Rob Houston Homes

On top of losing their property to rising flood waters and being displaced in the midst of the storm, Houston Residents now have the added threat of looters and robbers posing as government agents to worry about as well.

According to Daily Mail, residents have been “evacuated” from their homes by people posing as fire fighters, EMTs, and in some cases Immigration Workers who then turn around and take what they can from the now-empty homes.

Houston officials announced a city-wide curfew from midnight to 5 am (excluding REAL rescue workers and those on their way to their places of employment) after police arrested a crew of armed robbers caught stealing abandoned vehicles and amid reports of robberies of empty homes.

Police warn residents awaiting help to demand to see badges and identification from anyone knocking at their door, especially anyone demanding that they immediately leave the premises.

Things have gotten bad enough in some areas that residents are already skeptical of those coming to “rescue” them. Firefighter Jody Garcia told the Houston Chronicle that when he tried to rescue a couple trapped on the second floor of a flooded home late Tuesday night, the husband pulled a shotgun on him and ordered him to leave. Needless to say, he called county police to come help them instead.

SMH, it’s a shame that people already going through so much have to be on such high alert for the “help” coming their way. Ridiculous.

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