Step-Daddy Duties: Stephen Belafonte Files For Visitation Rights For Mel B’s Kid With Eddie Muphy

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Stephen Belafonte Needs Visitation Of Step-Daughter In Divorce

Stephen Belafonte filed paperwork in Los Angeles County Superior Court amid his divorce war with the Mel B. Belafonte claims he’s the de facto dad to Mel B’s daughter with Eddie Murphy, so he made a formal request for stepparent visitation on Friday.

In his declaration to the court, Belafonte notes that he started dating Mel B when her daughter with Murphy was only one month old. He has spent the last decade raising the child as his own, and because of this, he argued for future visitation. The 10-page declaration states, “By all intents and purposes, I am Angel’s father.”

“I believe my request for stepparent visitation is in Angel’s best interests, as Angel has been accustomed to spending time with me and sees me as the only father figure in her life,” he said. Belafonte presented proof of this with the fact that Angel calls him “daddy” and also tells him via text messages that she loves him. He says that there is no financial motivation, and his only desire with the divorce is to not hurt his step-daughter.

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