Gaga Gives Byke: Lady Gaga Holds Pizza Party For Fans After Cancelling Montreal Concert

- By Bossip Staff

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

Lady Gaga Gives Disappointed Fans Autographs And Pizza

It seems like every big name that has gone on tour these past couple of years has ended up having to cancel, postpone, or completely end whole tours due to one issue of another. The latest to have to break the news to their fans that the show must not go on is Lady Gaga, who is known for her major dedication to her fans–and their dedication to her.

Last week, Lady Gaga performed in New York City’s Citi Field, an outdoor venue, where it rained for a majority of her performance. It’s not hard to believe that after a night of literally singing in the rain, Gaga got sick, and now her shows scheduled after that fateful night in NY are suffering.

She tweeted out to her fans that she was sick and apologized, saying her and her team were working to postpone the show and find another day to perform.

After that, she told her fans she would send them pizza for waiting outside her hotel. She kept her promise, and also gave her fans some autographs for being so loyal and waiting for her even though she wasn’t performing for them due to her illness.

This lady sure knows how to deal with upset fans. They waited outside her hotel room and sang to her when she came outside on her roof to give them a wave. And they all lived happily ever after.

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