Born This Way? Meet Lactatia, The Drag Queen Dreamed Up By An 8-Year-Old Boy Who Loves High Heels

- By Bossip Staff

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Is This Child Just Being Creative Or Should His Parents Be Concerned He’s Oversexualizing Himself?

This new interview with 8-year-old Nemis talking about his longtime love for dressing up in skirts and heels, taking voguing classes and hoping he one day becomes a drag queen, has the internet weighing in with a wide variety of opinions.

His mother speaks out during the interview saying that as long as her kids are respectful and nice to people she supports them in whatever they’d like to do. She even helps pick out outfits and applies makeup for her young son.

But some folks in the comments say he’s presenting an over sexualized image, one that could make him vulnerable to predators.

One thing that is interesting here is that Nemis doesn’t seem to be expressing gender identity issues. He doesn’t mention wanting to be a woman or making actual physical changes to his body.

What do you think?

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